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Taizhou Shangyi Valve Co. Ltd. was established in 1998, which located in “the city of valves in China”- Yuhuan. Our products including all kinds of high-grade brass valves, such as ball valve, check valve, filter valve, radiator valve, foot valve, angle valve, bibcock. as well as heating instruments ect. which export to many market, such as Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East ect. On the basis of " Quality First,Service Foremost." we hope to find the agent in most country and establish the global sales channels, which enable our products very famous in the world. We are not the biggest factory but skilled workers and technicians are engaged with us to produce the best quality of all products according to the International standardization ISO9001 and ACS and CE Mark. Our trademark is "100% Customer Satisfaction". At present many foreign traders have contracted us as manufacturer and our products are distributed worldwide. Our dedication to constantly improving quality is the best assurance to customers. Now we are planning spread our distribution network further by opening more branches and find more agent in the world to closer to our clients. Welcome everyone who are interested in us.Give us a try! We believe we will stronger together.
strategic cooperation

CustomerWe take customers as the center of all our actions. We are committed to empathy, understanding and better meeting their needs. We know that we must understand the requirements of our distributors, installers and designers and provide them with the best, most practical and advanced solutions. Day after day, that's our job。

productWe are an industrial company. Our factory is our heart. With passion, skill and creativity, we process raw materials and produce useful products for human beings and society. Our products are the focus of our attention, and we know that our future depends on our ability to act correctly and our willingness to pursue innovation. To this end, quality and innovation are our daily goals.

profitWithout profit, there will be no enterprise. But likewise, any business needs a sense of belonging. The sense of belonging comes from respect for employees, products and the environment. That's why we stick to sustainable profits: while increasing revenue and profits, we also take into account the company's environmental and social responsibilities.

people:Our most precious resource is people. Passion can not be measured, but the distinction between passion and perfunctory work, between mediocrity and excellence, between disorder and orderliness, between mechanical work and active breakthrough, between work for work and continuous enrichment and progress, also results. That's why our employees are our most important asset.

Our Mission

In the near future, architecture will no longer be just a "roof above us", but a place more important to our health, our relationships and careers, our happiness and our planet.

Therefore, they will no longer be just "buildings", but an environment that uses light, temperature and water in a more intelligent way and is more responsible.

In this context, our mission is to become a leading manufacturer of related components and systems, our products can use water to cool the environment, and can "treat" water for people to use and fire. All of this will be achieved with minimum energy consumption.

Shangyi's products are bound to be excellent
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